I am Shiva.

You may know me as Shivanand Velmurugan. Perhaps you know me as Anand. In any case, welcome! I am a hacker (not security, but the programming kind). I am father to a fast growing girl, that rules my world, and keeps me on my toes. I take pictures, dabble at the piano, and (used to) play tennis.

This website is a collection of posts and articles that I have written since 2004. It serves as a store of links I don’t want to forget or thoughts that I am compelled to pen down. Mostly, it serves as a reminder of how poor my writing skills were, and hopefully the improvements continue.

In the past, I have built software that controlled cement and power plants, served as a backbone of the internet, or corporate networks, or on routers that ran most of the telecom networks in the world. At work, my interests over the course of 20 years provided me the opportunity to write network management systems, assembly and machine instructions on various control systems, various protocols , network infrastructure, custom IPC systems, linux kernel modules, create multiple languages, compilers, tools, SDKs and applications for an operating system that ran on carrier-class routers.

Recently, I have retired my make skills, and have spent the last several years building products, as a Product Manager. Now I take immense pride and pleasure, in helping customers find and use the products I help build. In my sparse spare time, I continue to build an in-memory database (FDB). At some point, I plan to release a declarative language and tooling that simplifies building distributed systems, and writing protocols for efficient inter-process data exchange.

My DMs on Twitter are open and I’d be glad to hear from you. Better yet, drop me a note at [email protected], and say what is on your mind, unfettered by the limits of the modern internet.