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2016 year-end recap

Don’t smoke (Stay quit!!) : Doing great!

There is no desire to smoke. After being a smoker for over a decade, I was very glad to quit, and stay quit. The way I quit this time was quite cliched. I went to Vegas, smoked incessantly for 3 days, and stopped at the end of the trip – cold turkey. Never went back to it, and quite frankly disgusted by the thought of smoking now.

Say yes more often: Did well.

I have reduced negativity greatly. This is a good one to keep at for the next year.

Read a book a month: Failing miserably.

Multiple incomplete books. Really finished only one book this year - The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness rules our lives.

Other books caught my attention this year:

I need to up my game here. The plan is dedicate the first weekend of every month to a book. I need to read more than one book a year!

Write an app a month: Passable.

Built a few apps this year. Unlike other years, I managed to finish them enough to launch them into the wild. It was quite satifying to be able to get them of a git repo, and have them running.

I have learnt quite a bit through the process, and perhaps will write more about deploying node js apps in production.

There is potential for a product that simplifies authentication and authorization. All existing solutions that I have tried this year still get in the way of the user. We desperately need a universal interface for identity – perhaps hardware that can make oAuth more ammenable for login.

  • Spellcaster - find that perfect MTG card.
  • Wishlists - maintain a list of wishlists . Was especially useful for Secret Santa this year

Blog once a week: Failing miserably.

This is going back on the list for next year. I have consumed a lot of content this year, but produced very little.. Most of my posts have been photos on Instagram – photos of food!