It has not been a great start. It, however, has been a busy one.

Don’t smoke (Stay quit!!) : Going strong!

The urge to smoke still surfaces on occasion. I have, however, been able to avoid every time. I must admit that it gets easier, but it always take a bit of an effort.m

Say yes more often: Doing ok.

I have caught myself a couple of times. Still needs work

Read a book a month: Failing miserably.

Read about 5 pages. Currently reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. It is a very interesting book, but I have not been able to find time consistently. TV, netflix and youtube, usurps time away from other pursuits.

Write an app a month: Doing ok.

I have managed to write a small app to collect links and text and store those into a database. The app is written in go and is called notedown. It’s a lot of fun to hack something together. I am struggling with user authentication and authorization. auth0 is a great service to get started with implementing a good system for any app. At the moment, I have managed to put together a very rough version that kinda works.

At the moment, the goal is to get parity with apps like instapaper or evernote. The eventual goal, is to make notedown provide automatic tagging and aggregation of links. For the next month, I will focus on getting this solution deployed with a simple gui that is cross-platform.

If you are interested in the idea, you can reach me on twitter, or Gitter or hack at it on github.

Blog once a week: Failing miserably.

As this post illustrates, I have procrastinated all month long. I guess two posts a month is still better than none.