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A weekend of culinary delights

The great G.B Shaw, in “Man and Superman” (not that Superman), quipped, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” I had a weekend, that reminded me how much I love being fed. It also, reminded me of my wayward ways, in keeping the waistline in check, but I diverge. For this Christmas, I got the most amazing gift – the gift of an evening out trying out food that tasted, as good as it sounds and looks. Without much ado, here is the spread:

[gallery ids=“13701,13702,13704,13703,13705,13706,13707,13708,13709,13710,13711,13712”]

Thanks to all the hobby chefs for the wonderful delights, and the hospitality. I aspire to such skills in the kitchen, and perhaps I shall be able to pay it forward. Thanks to Christina for the most-awesomest gift ever (yes, we invent words here), and Sophie for “subbing” for the sick Tina (I owe you one, Sophie!)

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