For the last few months I’ve been annoyed. Two or three times a week, I get a flurry of emails from Facebook and twitter claiming that I reset my password. Sounds like a first-world problem? It is. However, I have 4 emails linked to my Facebook account and one to my twitter account. I get on average 15-20 mails a week, and I dutifully dis-avow each one of them.

Then, this happens. It scares the hell out of me, but I procrastinate. After a good two weeks, and 40 mails later, I’ve finally caved, and enabled it. Now, it’s practically impossible to hack my account. Password + token to access from any new device, and I can remotely revoke access to any device I lose.

Now, what does it have to do with sashimi, you ask? Well, nothing really! That’s just the bait to get you to read this most important thing. Don’t be like me, and procrastinate forever. Enable two-factor authentication on both google and Facebook! You’ll be glad you did. Both have very compelling implementations that are easy to configure and use.

Security is like good sushi – once you’ve tasted the good kind, it’s hard to go back to just good enough.

Well, here’s your reward for reading this far: