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An hour with HAML and Stasis

I have been meaning to get into the exciting world of static site-gen. Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you why?! Actually, I’m too lazy, and it’s late on a Sunday night – instead, Mick Gardner, can inform you on the virtues of static site-generation.

After an hour of mucking around with several site-generators, I chose Stasis, which is a good compromise to the blog-oriented Jekyll, and options-insanity that is nanoc. With my new-found fascination for Ruby, I wanted to stay away from Hyde (which is Python based – it’s time to try the dark-side, a little)

HAML, is an interesting markup language. Although it cleanups some of the clutter of html, there are still things that are annoying. For example:



Although, the HTML version has intrusive tags, it is easier on the eyes. It is a relief, not have to code, the end tag for every HTML element. It is much faster to type HAML by hand (especially in vim). In the end, it was a quick, painless process to convert the raw HTML code, to HAML, and generate the same html using stasis.

Life’s good. I’m still learning a few new tricks. What more can one ask for?