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People of GVRD - a photographic experiment

A couple of weeks ago I started a new project - to shoot random strangers in the streets of GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional Districts - for those of you that are not from here). I wanted to see if I had the guts to walk up to random strangers, and ask their permission to shoot a picture of them. I was also curious to know how they would react to it, and what my success rate would be.

I’ve asked around 14, and 8 said yes. Some of them were not comfortable with their pictures on the internets. I offered them 3 options.

  1. Pictures don’t end up on the internet (emailed to them if they send me an email)
  2. On the internet for non-commercial purposes.
  3. On the internet in public domain.

Only 2 were ok with public domain. The rest opted for option 2. One didn’t want it on the internet at all.

It was an interesting experience, and I’m looking forward to more such excursions. For the lack of a better name, I chose to call this project : People of GVRD.

Suggestions are welcome. Do you have a better name for the project? Perhaps, thoughts on how I should approach people. Do you think I’m insane? Apart from photos, would you be interested in a short blurb about the person? What would you like to know?

[![Sue & Family - 5](/images/5972190618_0931941b96_m.jpg)][1][![Sue & Family - 3](/images/5971630139_b1262ef3c0_m.jpg)][2]

[![Sue & Family - 2](/images/5972181714_13ffb69f1a_m.jpg)][3][![Sue & Family - 1](/images/5972176262_b86c7d580c_m.jpg)][4]



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