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OSX Lion. A first look (at 2 AM)

Just upgraded to OSX Lion. A very slick interface.

Quick Review:

1. Launchpad. Solved previously by Alfred in the GUI, and bash aliases on the command line.

2. Mission Control. Eye-candy. Will probably use it until I get tired of all the moving windows, and stick to Cmd+arrow keys to switch desktops. Maybe normal users will find it useful. But then, most people don’t want anything that increases their workflow complexity. Most of them have trouble keeping track of more than a couple of windows, let alone, 10s of them (which I think is what features like Mission Control will promote)

3. I’ll probably never use gestures (keyboard shortcuts solved that probably elegantly, some 40 years ago).

4. First real annoyance: the default mouse-axis configuration is inverted. I don’t get why this was changed?! (refer image)

It’s way too late to go into other cool and annoying things. I’m not sure how I really feel about Lauchpad. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to have a full screen view of all the apps - ipad style.

P.S: Until I figure out how to get all of my posts on Google+ as full content, I’m going to double post them.