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I'm on cloud number 0.9!

well not really! I just turned on RSSCloud support on this blog’s feed. RSSCloud allows the feedreader subscribing to you, to setup a callback address, which your blog will call whenever you publish something. If every blog does the same, it could account for several thousand, if not million CPU cycles due to lesser polling. It is the brain-child of Dave Winer, the man who invented RSS, the author of the ever-popular scriptingnews blog. (If you had started blog back in 1994, you could’ve got a domain as kewl as his!)

This blog is neither major (by a long shot) nor complete tech, but it does feel good to be a tiny part of reducing the incessant polling on the web.

If you want to do your part and have a self-hosted wordpress blog, just download the RSSCloud plugin by Joseph Scott (Thank you, my man) and get the engines started.

‘nuf said.