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GReader just saved me a lot of time

Google reader is one of Google’s products, that didn’t you didn’t realize you needed until you started using it. Heck, pretty much every product they do is in that category. It is one app where I spend a lot of time every day. That is how I still manage to read blogs. Even after twitter and facebook and friendfeed, GReader is still the place, where you can truly control the signal vs noise ratio of content that you read.

Today, they have turned on a little feature that I have long pained for. It’s a little tweak, but a huge convenience. I tend to spend a few days away from reader once in a while, and when I come back, it’s a pain to filter out the content you want to read when you have 1000+ items. This little feature let’s me choose, which feeds I can ignore completely, which one, I need to read only the last week’s worth, etc…

Thank you Google, for doing the right thing.

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