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\[Jason\] The Case Against Apple--in Five Parts

Hi Jason,

I was writing a post very much on the same lines, when I read your mail. I’m on my 3rd ipod, 1st iphone and 2nd MBP (one which I ordered just last week). I don’t think I can in the right mind buy another iphone or ipod for the amount of control that apple gets.

1. Absolutely. This is a no-brainer, that I’m frankly surprised that Steve Jobs does not see?! Well not really. Apple has always been a closed company. I was under the impression that Apple was a *hardware* company. This behaviour of blocking other applications from talking to Apple products is not only insane, and unfair to the consumer, it quite frankly against the interest of Apple shareholders. I’m pretty sure that having more ways to access data on Apple devices will have a direct impact on the sales of those products. Any product manager or marketeer who has desgined/sold electronics products will see the sense in this.

2. Absolutely. And I hope that the FCC hammer comes down quick. With the blocking of the Google App, it becomes a clear case of diminishing the experience of the user. This could be the way out for Apple to end exclusivity deals.

3. I don’t think it a question of forgiving Apple. The consumer never forgives, he/she just chooses the product that best suits his/her needs. Apple already went through a round of this with the desktop wars and lost bitterly. It’s sad that they haven’t learnt their lesson.

Having said all of this, I still love their products, it’s their product mgmt that I hate.

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