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For the last time, its not an OS!

The last couple of days has been ablaze with news of Google taking over the world, destroying Microsoft and sticking all of humanity on stakes to collect sunlight and convert it to power. Obviously, some are elated at this proposition, some tentative, and then there are some others who think all of this is just hogwash.

I have but one thing to show you today. Presenting article number 1, a video by one of the minions at Google.

Here’s a tip: people on Times Square have no, frigging, clue of what a browser is. Don’t even get me started on, where the OS stops and the browser starts. The people you are trying to sell this to, don’t give a shit. The people who do know what a browser is, think you are just crap-shooting them.

Oh, since I do know what a browser is, considering that I’ve used one since 95, I will say, that writing a shell on a linux kernel, and distributing it with only one app, does not make it an OS. It is a linux distro. I’m sure the following are familiar: Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse (Novell), which are all the same as Google Chrome (or atleast what they say it will be).

So Google, stop messing with things that don’t make you money and go fix that bug in Gmail or Google reader or maybe you can add RSS support to blogs on blogspot (the rest of the sane world did that only 5 years ago). We, who use your “free” ad-filled products will be very pleased. Oh yeah, while you are at it, figure out a way to monetize those millions you invested in wonderful companies (Remember youtube, jaiku, jotspot, dodgeball, orkut, grandcentral ?! ). You might also want to consider improving this thing you helped invent – search. I hear that there is a new-comer. He sounds bad, and has a shitty name, but he’s getting better at it.

Now, that’s it for today’s rant. Get off my lawn, I need to go google myself (Damn, this is therapeutic).