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Movie Review: The Dark Knight (spoiler alert)

In a moment of mild insanity (actually more like boredom), I decided to watch the last show last night. I was plesantly surprised to find that the movie was playing in 2 theatres @ Silvercity, Coquitlam. With all the hype, and the huge revenue generation in the first week, the movie does deliver most of what it promises.

Before you start reading the rest of the post, there are few items, that could give away the plot. I wonder if one needs to worry about the plot in Batman. Here’s the short version of the review - watch it if you haven’t done so as yet. NOW!

Some things I liked:

1. The movie is a lot more serious than previous renderings of Batman. Finally, a Batman movie, where you don’t have to laugh at Batman.

2. The Joker (Heath Ledger) was truly amazing. I liked that he retained the southern sounding voice. Heath shines like diamond, and really stands out in terms of his performance. It is such a pity that the world has lost such a wonderful actor. He could have been this generation’s Brando or Pacino. He has set new heights for the Batman villian (Traditionally, the villians have been better actors anyway)

3. Batman is real, he gets hurt and has his flaws, and I don’t hear “kapow” or “zing” during the action sequences.

4. Makeup was wonderful - both the Joker and Two-Face, are more believable and frightening in their own ways.

5. This movie has one of the best casts in all Batman movies (For a franchise, that has always had a star cast, this one really get the right people for the roles - remember George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger anyone?!)

6. Thankfully, no robin - nuff said.

Now for some things that could have been better

1. 2:35 mins - the show started at 10:00 PM and ended at 1:00 AM! 3 hours is way too long (even for Indians - we get an intermission for our 3 hour movies).

2. Two villians too big for this movie. I thought the villians didn’t get enough screen time.

3. Two-Face’s plot is quite unconvincing, and it’s a pity he’s killed with such little damage. Aaron Eckhart is no match for Tommy Lee Jones.

4. I hate the new Batman’s voice. What’s with the constant growling. I think that’s the only flaw with the new Batman. Christian Bale, should learn to show some emotion through his eyes (wrath, anger, hatred etc). I liked him much better in the first movie. He has shown good promise, and if he does a couple more, I can see him as one of the better Batmans. I must say, the best one (my opinion) was Michael Keaton. I always liked the quirky Batman. This more dark Batman, closer to the comic, impresses as well, but yet to prove himself. I think he needs a villian who really pushes him hard.

All in all, a very enjoyable 3 hours, if you have the penchant for Batman, and can hold the large Combo in your bladder long enough. Must see movie. Don’t miss it! Now, check out the trailer. (Kudos to Warner Bros. for providing an embeddable version).