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A web based writer for writing to a blog?!

WriteToMyBlog.com, is a web-based editor (with a lot of formatting options), that allows you to write to your blog (from another website?!).

First thoughts go like,

“wtf?!”, … “hmmm.. interesting”… “I am a web 2.0 junkie?!


The likes

1. Simplicity of the UI interface - neat, allows lots of space for text

2. Integration of Flickr and Youtube (although I would love to see more such services)

3. Zero account creation overhead. (I wrote this post, before I created the account to publish it, and is a 1-click process.)

The dislikes

1. No keyboard shortcuts.

2. Too many formatting options. I would rather have more external services (quote pownce or twitter conversations, facebook, vimeo and other photo and video sites)

3. popups (need I say more.. in this day and age.. popups for functionality is a sin … almost).

4. A few irksome bugs. (undo doesn’t work in-order, flickr requires login name, cursor disappears after including a picture.. etc)


The service offers what should be part of any good bloggingsoftware. With recent improvements in Wordpress Dashboard and Editor, I doubt if this tool will be able to keep my attention for long. The whole concept of logging into one site for writing to another, seems a little weird. I don’t really understand the use-case.

Update: I found a few more bugs

  • Editing an existing post, ignore all previous indentation (white-space).

  • Tags set are technocrati tags, and not wordpress tags (I guess this is more like a feature request than a bug)

I couldn’t find a getsatifaction account for this tool, and hence have sent a traceback to their blog. Mark, if you come this way, do create and account for your product/company at getsatisfaction.com, and do set up some form of bug tracking system, so that your users can be your testers :). Btw, you are welcome for the bugs mentioned here. Ohh.. btw.. I’m using Firefox on Mac OSX.