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So long and thanks for all the good times

I have been away from the internet for most of the last week. There are only a few things that can keep me away from spending hours reading feeds or uploading pictures, and when those things do happen, it is not very pleasant.

Last week I lost yet another wonderful person from my life. I lost my father-in-law, Mr. Ghanshyam Maheswari. He was a good man, a good soul, a great father, and most of all, someone who lived his life - truly lived every moment of it. I can’t find words to express the loss I feel. As the hours on the plane ride half way across the world passed, I couldn’t begin to accept that he had really passed on. I guess, a part of me was expecting to see him at the airport, telling my wife and me that this was all just a dream.

Life, and not death, is cruel. It makes us experience a lot of things that we could do without. With the greatest regret and effort, I need to muster the ability to bid adieu, to a wonderful person that has enriched the lives of several who have been left behind. Mr Maheswari, may you find the big black table-tennis board in the sky. Keep a spot open, so we can finish the game we never played, when my time comes.

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