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Twitter digests

A few weeks back, I installed Alex King’s Twitter Tools for wordpress. Running it for a few weeks, I found that by lack of posting to my blog, became more apparent that earlier. There are now more “twitter” posts than the number of posts that I have written myself in the last year or so. How pathetic is that?!

Looks like I have almost lost the need to say something (about anything) and it is about time to shut down this blog. However, I intend to give it another shot (one last time), before I stop hosting my own blog, and move to life-streaming instead (You can already find my at shiva.tumblr.com).

There are few projects that I have started working on (in my off-time ofcourse).

1. Read-later

This is a clone of instapaper, written primarily for my own use and to learn django (as I find instapaper, rather limiting). Some features I intend to add include, cross-posting to twitter or del.icio.us, full-feed RSS to enable reading in Google reader. This isn’t as yet, production ready, in fact it is in its early stages.

2. Un-named java app framework

A framework for running high-throughput java based servers, allowing staged-processing of actions. The framework also provides resilency to failures, low-impact live logging and debugging.

3. Ex-SideRSS

An extension of sideRSS, that allows for displaying and customising RSS feeds for displaying in your wordpress sidebar.

Do check back atleast every week and hopefully, I will be able to find time to add more coding related posts. The plan is to post stuff that I learn about C/C++ development on unix based systems.