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Welcome new friends from twitter

I have the very distinct feeling that a bunch of people from India, are going to visit my site today. Maybe, it is too late, but nonetheless, I was compelled to post before I left for work, after staying up the whole night (watching movies). No really - Van Helsing followed by American Gangster - two very find movies, I might add, but I digress.

I got the honour, of being one of the few listed on a fellow tech-enthusiast’s list of “twittering” Indians. It’s not everyday that I make someone’s list, and hence the compulsion to blog about it. So, thank you Yuvi. Since he described me as a programmer, on his list, it’s only fair –

if (knowsYuvi(you)) { Thanks for visiting this [blog][4]; Between [work][5] and [twitter][6], I hardly update this space anymore; Do, [add it to your feedreader][7], so someday, you might see [something][8] [useful][9] :) } else { visit Yuvi's [blog][2]; follow him on [twitter][10]; send him a tweet, saying hi; }