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Google blogs its feature later than I do!

I discovered today, that twitter+zooomr+a small utility called Cropper, now allows us to put new information about some of the products we use often, out into the blogosphere (I hate that word now), faster than ever before.

Check this image that I posted this image on zooomr on 12th Dec and then twittered it.

I found a blog post, by (I presume) one of the engineer’s who made it happen, on the google’s official blog. Although, I didn’t post the exact feature he was talking about, I noticed the feature too on another search I was doing that day.

Timing is becoming critical these days. Although, I guess more people out there learnt about the feature from his blog entry, it is becoming less relevant from the tech-crowd’s perspective. With guys like Scoble, Mike and Dave Winer, it is quite tough keeping an announcement out of the crowds for long.