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Loving my Canon 40D

I recently got myself a Canon 40D. After a 3 year wait, I can finally afford to buy myself a DSLR, and have been going crazy with it for the last couple of weeks.

larger version.

Largely influenced by Thomas Hawk’s passion, I have started carrying the camera everywhere I go: to work, when I go shopping, and even when I am just walking around the neighbourhood. I shot this picture, on my back from work, last Friday. With all the shooting, I am running out of HDD space very quickly. I am ok, for the next month (I have 2 external 80GB HDD + around 60GB in my laptop). After that, I will need to move the old ones to DVDs (something, which I hate doing: easy to lose shots, and difficult to retrieve).

Any suggestions are welcome (If anyone is reading this!). Oh.. I almost forgot,

Here are the links to my photostream:

zooomr: http://www.zooomr.com/photos/shiva/ [RSS]

zooomr sets: http://www.zooomr.com/photos/shiva/sets/

Join zooomr, it is an amazing community, and Kris (founder) and Thomas (CEO) and the most amazing folks, and truly understand how important the community is, and are very active users themselves. I learnt a lot about photography in the few weeks that I have been pro on zooomr. Add me as your friend on zooomr.

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Update: I have also signed up for flickr pro account, and will be uploading pictures to that too. So do check that out also.