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Sting by a bee

Dang! I got stung today, by a bee, for the first time in my life. The little critter was trying to sniff some aroma from the back of my head, and I reached out with my hand, grabbed him (sorry, it must of hurt), and he got pissed and wanked me. Just as any normal, crazed-out geek would do, the first thing I did was to search the net for home-grown, bee sting remedies and I found this post by William Brantley. Being a much braver individual than I can be (when it comes to bee stings), he went through a series of bee-biting to test various remedies, that exists in the market-place and several home-grown remedies. > > So, how did the home remedies stack up against the pharmaceutical offerings? It depends on the home, I guess. The worst home remedies were worse than the worst pharmaceuticals, and the best home remedies better than the best pharmaceuticals. The Caladryl was the sole pharmaceutical remedy I’d use again. If I had to leave the house to go get it, though, I’d buy the meat tenderizer instead and use it in the vinegar/baking soda paste. Yet why bother with either of those when you already use, on a daily basis, the two best bee sting remedies? The winners: toothpaste and ice. >

I am going to test the above two, and let you know the results. I am hoping that they work their magic. Oooo.. that hurts! and again!

Update: I don’t know about the toothpaste, but the ice definitely works!! I can’t feel my finger (forget the sting), after icing it for 30 mins.

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