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Issue with Twitbin, Jing the next-gen screen capture

Twitbin has been my favourite client for twitter. the key thing that attracted me to it, was that I can use twitter, along side my browsing, and that makes life much simpler. Also, it have a very simple interface, to track your friends and their messages.


I realized how much it mean to my twittering experience, when it went down sometime last week. I presumed, it was due to the upgrades that the twitter team was planning, and want to see if the problem persists. Well, looks like twitter is working fine now, through the web-interface, and I guess twitbin should be operational now, but.. well NO.. I still have to use the web interface and it suck big time.

Just click on the image, on the side, to see a screencast of how I try to use twit-bin and the errors.

that brings us to the next very cool tool I have been using. It’s called Jing, and it does screen captures. If you are a screen capture addict like myself, you need this tool. Another very neat thing with this tool, is that it allows you to capture only a small portion of the screen (you can select it), and do, either an image capture or a screencast recording on that selected area. Very nice for showing your users, how to use your software or to help your mom do something.

They also provide a service, where you can host your screencast, and it is free for 200MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth.

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