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After several months of keeping away from updating or changing my website, I broke the fast today. I found a wonderful plugin, sideRSS, which allows display of RSS feeds within a blog’s sidebar. As usual, I needed a specific functionality that was not supported the way I wanted it. I hacked it a little bit, renamed the plugin, and posted a custom version for download on my website.

If you need to share Google Shared Items, on your blog, but hate to include javascript (like I do), then use this. You can download it here (right-click and use “Save Target As…”) and find install information here.

Also, if you like this version, and would like me to add a few more features (I have some in mind though, like ATOM parsing), do suggest them in the comments section.

P.S: If you are Chris Hatcher, the author of the original SideRSS, and want to take this version down or something, just leave a message here - you will need to merge my changes in your code though :-)

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