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Trojan alert in Chip-India DVDs

I use AVG antivirus, which has never ever caught a virus on my laptop. For long, I have pondered if I really need one, since I have been quite fastidious in ensuring the media that I download/execute on my laptop. In my eagerness to try out Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3, I slipped in the latest chip-India DVD (July 07) which carries the trialwares, and boom! AVG chucked out its first trojan alert in the last 5 years! That is quite amazing ain’t it? I haven’t had a virus in half a decade and boom one fine day!!![](/images/2679721_707625f9c0_o.jpg)

There goes my dream of working on windows without security software taking 50% of my computing resources. Oh, by the way, can someone from CHIP tell me if I get anything coz I found a trojan in your discs?!

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