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So many things to do and so little time

It has just dawned on me that I have more work to do, that when I was employed. So many things to catch up on: emails, orkut messages, linked-in invites (ohh. Kristopher Tate is a contact now! Thanks Kris! :) ).

Talking of linked-in, the pressure from the ‘opening-up’ of facebook is showing. Linked-in has added several new features and made interaction much easier than it was before. Things are where they should be; A free member can get in touch with someone they know directly. No need for any introductions if you know a person. (you don’t need to know their mail id, either). Finally someone at Linked-in realized that they need to accelerate the rate at with the interconnections were formed between people. That’s where the money is.

I kinda like the Linked-in system. It is one of the most unobtrusive social-networking sites. It doesn’t send me a mail for every single action someone does (by default) and also let’s me turn stuff off! I like that in a site.

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