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Happily unemployed (for a while)

I recently quit my job at Novell. After more than half a decade of working 5 days a week and several hours a day, I get to spend my time doing only things I want to do. No more tasks that I have to complete, no more deadlines, no more betas to release (atleast for a few more weeks). I get some time to myself before take a deep dive into the job of chucking out code day-in and day-out.

Here are some thing that I thoroughly enjoyed doing in the first week :

  1. Started learning RoR.
  2. Check my email and respond!
  3. Read all my feeds the first thing in the morning.
  4. Install all required software on my laptop.
  5. Uploaded some pictures on zooomr. (yeah they are up and stable now)

I have started work on a small project in rails, which I shall announce once I have a working prototype.

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