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Who wants to be the president?!

It is comical to see how the country, in other words, the ones who rule them ridicule one of the most important posts in India. How can the political parties choose to gain mileage by being so very fragmented in choosing the next president. How can they even propose to elect people who probably have very little to show for themselves as imminent achievers in their respective fields?! For God’s sake, you are going to elect a president!

Well, in this fragmented, partisan election for the president, someone has the guts to root for Kalam, again! This was announced last evening, and by night fall, Shekawat hints at allegiance to Kalam. I think, by the time I leave office, Kalam would have retained his!

pollI saw an interesting poll, which pitted Kalam, against the other candidates. Check out the results for yourself. when in this country a huge cross-section can agree on something, then why don’t the politicians agree with it?! Why can’t we put rules, to ensure that every applicant to the post of the President, should have not contested in any elections, what-so-ever. Also, why can’t the people choose their president for themselves?! I think, it is about time that we revisited some parts of the constitution and ensure that we can use it to get our politics back into some decent shape.

Well, in the mean time, we need to watch the rigamarole that unfolds before us in the name of electing another president - Who shall it be?! That is the big question these days.

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