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Upgraded to Wordpress 2.2

Finally upgraded to wordpress 2.2.

Geez!! It was released almost a week back and I hadn’t upgraded!!! I know, I know! I am a little paranoid!

I wonder why, that every time I update my wordpress version, I need to go through this very laborious task, of backing up my database, the entire wordpress folder, the last underwear that I wore, etc. Scripts guys! I need a script that does all that. Installing wordpress takes 2 steps, but upgrading 5?!

Your concise 5 step upgrade, cost me almost an hour (check and recheck everything)

I understand that you need to change a lot of things in a release, but atleast, you can stop fiddling with the database schema, for every single release?! Or maybe, you don’t! I have no way of knowing. Do let me know, if I really require to backup, when you make a release.

If I do, give me a script that I can run, a UI would be nice, that would tar/zip the directories, replace all files that require replacing. You know what? I would really like it if I can run a cron job, that will contact the wordpress website, download the latest patch and upgrade my blog, all when I am doing my laundry (Then I can forget about my blog, and wash my underwear!)

I am willing to write a plugin for this if someone can work with me! Anyone?

(Update: I’m moving to (trying out) Technocrati tags. Let’s see how these work!)

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