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The zen of Photo Management

I have been rambling for the last month or so, about the need for better photo management. Having acquired a N730 recently, I have started shooting more and more pictures, and the chore of organising them, and sharing them has been such a bore, that I haven’t uploaded a single picture.

Well, to change that I launched into building one myself to suit my own needs, only to discover that someone has already thought of most of it and has built a product and a service around it.

Introducing SharpCast…. the ultimate photo management solution. Unlimted space, web 2.0 website, client for syncing multiple image sources like, your mobile phone, Laptop, PCs.. and the list goes on.

Go ahead, try it. Check out my photos here.

I’m going to try and see if we can leverage the photo management infrastructure that is provided by SharpCast and build something out of that.

I’m thinking,

  1. Plugin for wordpress
  2. AJAX based slideshow
  3. Photo blog sync

I have posted a request on their forums, and will keep you updated on that.

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