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Hell via Sify Broadband

I had a hell of a time connecting using sify “narrow”band connection. After umpteen calls to sify call center, I decided to send mails to the CEO,CTO and Communications Officer of Sifycorp, to let them know of the pathetic state of affairs, and horrible experience of being a sify broadband user. I have attached a snapshot of the mail that I sent to them.

Here is the content of the mail in totem.

Hi Ranjith,
Firstly, my id with satyam broadband is SHVELMUR

I own a sify broadband connection for over the last one year.

I have spent more time contacting your technical staff than using your Internet connection in the last few months. Today, I had to sign in through your connection to attend a conference call (work related). I was unable to do so since my account was inactivated. So I called up your customer service 3 times (that’s how many time you need to try to give you some business)and finally got hold of a customer executive, who took a request for renewal.I was initially impressed that only 3 calls were required to get some work done.

I was proved to be wrong. Five minutes after I started using your connection, in the midst of a chat with my customer, I lost connectivity. Not to be discouraged, I attempted calling your dreaded call center for a resolution. In 3 more tries, I got through to your customer care executive, and explained my urgency, raised a ticket and asked for a quick resolution or the phone number of the local operator in charge of my connection. Apparently, the information is not available to your agents, and hence was denied the phone number.

I waited for 2 hours, and called again, to get some status on the ticket and had a skill set abort. (your agent essentially cut the call on me)
I called yet again, in about 20 mins time, and got in touch with Ms Latha, who provided me with your mail address.

After multiple interaction with your company in the last year, I’m completely disillusioned with your service, and hence I’m copying the CEO, the CTO, and the HR Head, hoping that they would be to some extent concerned about the pathetic situation at your enterprise.

By any chance if you want to reach me, you can respond using the following:
web link : I posted this mail here.
phone: 0413 2243583
weekend mobile: +91 9894545527
weekday mobile: +91 9901066344

If you can resolve/provide my with some status/the phone number of the local service provider (in my area - Pondicherry). Please send me the details.



Software Consultant
Novell Software Development Ltd.
website: http://shvelmur.com
Mark Twain - “Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

I will keep you posted as to how responsive (or not) the sify guys are. Let us see if we can drive some efficiency and responsibility into our so-called giants of Indian IT.

Update: I guess to get prompt service, we need to raise a hullaboo and send mails to CEO, CTO and CCOs of the company. Well, atleast they did respond and I got a call within 10 minutes of the mail asking if my connection works. After about 30 minutes, they got it working. Good work, but next time, please do it before I send mails to your mom. :)

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