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That's what I call a "search"

I wonder what’s happening to me. This is the third post in the last one hour. I must be going crazy. Anyway, this must the least used blog on earth, so what the heck. (I know there are a few of you out there, but you don’t say much on my blog!! :( )

Before I bore you into leaving this page, here’s what this post is about:

Have you seen this somewhere?

(Ohh.. for those who can’t place that photo, isn’t that a wallpaper that comes with Windows XP?!)

Nick Toshces, asked himself that, and didn’t stop at that. He went about asking half the world. He bullied Microsoft, Bill Gates, a few of his friends and the photographer himself. So where is this place? Find out here.

This is one problem that you wouldn’t face with Windows Vista. Check out this and this.

Jason Kottke, put me onto this. Thanks to you, Jason, for a wonderful feed. You are my link to the world (pun intented).

Btw, if you find it difficult (lazy/bored), to load up my website, please use a feedreader. There are several out there. I use Google reader, which is probably google’s best app till date, apart from search and gmail. You can read it from anywhere, including my new Nokia N73, which I think is a pretty amazing feature. (I can’t share from my mobile - such a drab)

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