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Goldilock's at my place

After a long ride from Bangalore, whilst I was sleeping blissfully, some rascal, ran through our house, ate an apple, stole a couple of jars of Pickle (good ones at that), helped himself to the following:

  • My Philips DVD player (it was skipping at most DVDs anyway)
  • An old Sony Tape recorder/player (apparently, some was wrong with it, and needed replacement)
  • 1 apple (worth Rs 25, but actually priceless since my wife got it for me)
  • 2 bottles of mushroom pickle
  • 1 bottle of mushroom, and 1 bottle of (the famous) panchranga pickle (five types of fruit and vegetables)

Ohh.. also he chased my cats out.

Well, looks as if nothing else is missing. Only the hollow feeling that someone invaded my den when I was sleeping. That kinda robs the secure feeling that one feels, when one is at home!

Whoever you are, you better not get caught, coz I really loved those bottles of pickle! (They were from Punjab - you see) :)

Update: Apparently, he flicked a pack of cigarettes also!! (He’s even helping me quit smoking!!). Also a bottle of after-shave that my wife bought for me!