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Nexo - The tool you'll remember for a while

Firstly, thanks Scoble.. I think I’ll stop reading other gadget/tech sites .. you are my new feed filter.

Secondly, I got a whiff of yet another web 2.0 (does that even mean anything these days!) application site. Nexo is a wonderful wonderful site. just as Scoble says “It’s Yahoo Groups done right”.

It took me the whole of 1 min to create my account, invite a few friends and setup my own group. Oh yeah, it also provides me with web-space to put my photos etc.

One thing I would have loved to see, is a way to integrate this with my exisitng site. It’s great that I have a nice dashboard, a place to interact with my friends, but I also want them to read some custom content. If only, I could provide a space where my network could read my RSS from NEXO. I know that’s being a bit demanding, but hey it’s Web 2.0 time. Integration is the key?! no?!