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Ideas: Plugins for Windows Live writer

Been using Windows Live Writer as my blog writing tool. Here are some plugins that I would definetly make my life much easier. If you are insterested in writing a plugin or would like to add to these requirements, do get in touch.

  1. Extended Link insertion
    • Link to different Search Engines (Google, Google Blog Search, Code search, Sun API search, Technocrati search etc.)
    • Link to various product sites (Amazon, RitzCamera etc)
    • Link to previously exisitng Posts
    • Recent Links
    • Links from clipboard
    • Auto-link insertion based on certain keywords
    • Multiple link inclusion - when this mode is enabled every word that is clicked on / selected should be added to a bucket, which can then be used to create links on.
  2. Note-taking
    • Separate interface for storing notes/ideas for blog entries
    • Allow search across notes
    • Auto-complete using phrases from existing notes (optional)
    • Plugin for Firefox and IE to enable addition of notes by selecting text on browsers
  3. Monetize #
    • Support for various ad tools like adsense, amazon associate etc.
  4. Wordpress Style Support#
  5. Review Publishing#*
    • Wordpress plugin that allows to create a set of reviews for various products
    • Allow access of reviews separate from posts. (can use a set of categories for this - similar to asides plugin)
    • Allow posting to this through categories, or allow through a plugin in windows live writer as “write review’
  6. Drafts sync#
    • Allow multiple instances of windows live writer to share drafts.
    • upload selected drafts to wordpress
    • check-box for using wordpress drafts instead of local drafts
    • button for pulling drafts from wordpress and adding them to local drafts

# - might require extending existing XML-RPC (should be possible with wordpress)
* - might require wordpress plugin

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