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Common Access Portal

With advent of web 2.0, and some habits cultivated over the last decade, I have a certain list of tasks that I do everyday. I current visit a bunch of websites more than once a day, and an integrated interface would do me so much good.

  • mail, a whole set of accounts, gmail, yahoo, etc
  • feed readers
  • blog editor
  • orkut
  • del.icio
  • google notebook

What is lacking, is the ability to have a single sign-on/account mgmt capability, a common dashboard, ability to cross-launch/cross-post content.

Ohh yeah, I want to do thiss all from either my desktop or from my own hosted page.

So there are some deep implicating requirements for my latest craze - get more done with less clicks!

I christen it Common Access Portal (Let’s put a CAP on things we use!)