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Hacking Wordpress - An extended XML-RPC API

Having broken my elbow, I have spent the last two weeks typing away with a single hand. With nothing much to do, I went about looking at ways to improve the capabilities of blog editors. I use BlogDesk for my blogging needs. It is a wonderful editor, that let you do all operations provided by MetaWeblog API. However I wanted to do more than what was provided there. I wanted to add some features for plugins that I used.

The following is a propopsed list of extensions:

  • Create/edit posts
  • define post passwords (Thanks to Johannes Oppermann, developer of the wonderful blog client, BlogDesk)
  • image insert from different services (flickr)
  • tagging support
  • Similar to QuickTags plugin
  • Support for Ultimate Tag Warrior’s features
  • Adsense integration
  • Admin Support
  • display a dasboard
  • Spam Karma comment moderation
  • Adsense data

In my search I found some interesting links.
Tutorial on hacking XMLRPC

Links for writing XML-RPC clients
JBlogEditor svn trunk

Well, the end result, here’s the pre-Alpha version of WPexAPI.