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Mono and Sharpdevelop - A baby step

Having joined Novell recently, the opportunity to learn a bunch of new development skills has come up. Novell products make extensive use of the mono platform for applications development.

After 4 long years, I find myself in need of re-learning some windows application development. I tried setting up mono on my windows pc, and encountered some peculiar issues. I had installed mono and then went looking around for an IDE. Well, monodevelop sounded kewl, and tried to get in compiled on windows. I found that I needed to setup cygwin if I need to build it, and another 100 MB download is not what I wanted to be doing.

So I pulled Sharpdevelop 2.1.0, (monodevelop was apparently forked from sharpdevelop), off here, and I installed it. As per the instructions found here, I tried to compile the application, but SharpDevelop, threw a twister at me. It said “mono is not installed”. I tried hunting around for some options somewhere that told SharpDevelop where to look for mono, but was able to find no help.

Well, I did get it fixed. All I had to do was re-run mono install.

Aparently, the order of installation of the IDE and mono is:

1. Install the IDE
2. Install mono

I always thought that it had to be the other way around. Nice curve ball that one!
Anyway, here’s the very first application that I have written in C# running on Mono!

first C# app-Large