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Arrivederci! Siamo arrivato!!

… that, my friends, in Italian means “Good bye! We have arrived!!”.

I have recently movd from my 4 year old job at HCL Technologies, Chennai to Novell, Bangalore. The first day at Novell was nice. The experience exuded professionallism on the part of the company and the people that I am going to work with.

Life seems exciting. On the very first day, I have a machine, access to email, food coupons, bank account, an airtel connection, travel info and more than I can remember. Amazing how quick things can be done these days! ;)
Finally, I did feel the loss I should have felt when I left HCL, my colleagues for the last four years! This quantum change, I hope will bring more challenges and exciting engineering problems for me to work. (God I sound cliched!)

I have a lot of documentation to read in the next coupla days! So off I go!

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