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Return of Javascript!

After what has been ages, I have returned. Not that many are reading this, but I intend to use this for future reference in any case

I have wanted to learn javascript, and this time I found a sustainable way. Learn a language by implementing something very huge in it. I’m writing, what I must say a very kewl application at work, and am learning quite a few tricks in javascript.

1. Associative arrays in javascript:
Although, the Array() datatype, looks like a juicy candidate for building associative arrays, that is one of the most harmful things you can do. Particularly if you are using the prototype library. For more information read this post

The solution: use the Object datatype
**2. How to iterate an Object in javascript:
** There are a couple of really kewl ways to iterate objects:
1. for .. in
2. for each .. in

Check out the object manipulation guide

Will add more as I go along.

Btw, JSON rules - the following links on list libraries that aid in creating JSON based AJAXified applications.
1. JSON in javascript (client-side stuff)
2. JSON in Java (server-side stuff)