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Integrated solutions for an easier life

The ability to put together a set of innovations into real-life use and build something that reaches the lives of common men, making it a tad easier, a tad more fun .. that I think is the most amazing ability that a person can have. We were discuss this among many other, at office the other day, when we decided to go to a movie.

Now, I have this habit of watching a movie at “Satyam” - chennai’s very own sofisticated multiplex. Aparently, they have a website through which you can book tickets. It is one of the few usable flash based sites, that I have seen. What was amazing for me was that, they also have an option for you to choose the snacks that you would like to eat when you are there!! Kewl uhh?!!

Well, all you need to do is book the tickets, choose the grub that you wanna munch on, and use a credit-card. You can collect your tickets at a counter at the movie hall. During interval, your grub will be delivered to your seat!! Now that’s what I call personalised Integrated Services!!