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Sun Tech Days 2006 at Chennai

Nice sunny day, and a huge auditorium filled with half of Chennai’s Java crowd… well mebbe not exactly have, but close 2500 java programmers attended this year’s Sun Tech Days held at Chennai,India. This is my first time at a Sun conference.Well, it is not a JavaOne kinda event, where it is all techie, but atleast you do get to meet a few like minded, hard-core, think-OOAD-in-the-shower guys. There were some very kewl speakers. I especially enjoyed

  • “Real-Time Java” by Peter Kessler
  • “Performance Tuning of Javaâ„¢ SE Applications” by Chuk-Munn Lee

I loved every session by those guys, and was really impressed by the breadth and depth of their knowledge (kudos to you guys)

The free Solaris day was as interesting as the rest of the days. There was a lot of marketing talk, but that’s what the coffee machine’s always on for!

Anyway, learnt a bit, interacted with a lot of Java developers and oh yeah!! I won the Java Jacket!! (One size small, but hey, it is kewl!!)

Will post a picture of it soon