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Bike ride -Chennai-Pondy

Yet another wondeful ride on my bike, and I’m road wiser !!

I rode to Pondy last Friday, (the usual weekend get-away). Having been long since my bike stretched its engines, this ride was a nice change for both me and my bike.

Pitck black, it was, that night, but very little traffic on the roads. A cool breeze was working its way up my spine. Frequent drops of impending rain, threatened to drench me, my soul and my bike, as we streamed past Mahabalipuram. Stopped momentarily at Kalapakkam for a tea. The warm tea, quenching my raving hunger, the news that india lost miserably (yet again!) to South Africa, set my my pulse raving to get to Pondy to catch the highlights of India-trashing! (just wanted to see how badly our team can perform)

the rest of the journey, was fairly eventless (for a change!) and the ECR seemed deserted. Passed hardly a dozen vehicles on my way home! That is weird for a Friday night you know! The ride lasted 2 hours and 30 mins. (btw I managed to miss the highlights, thanks to some movie on Sony - never seem to be able to win an argument over the possesion of the remote :) Pinky wins round 1)

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