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Website Sruce UP

I need some ideas for my website and blog. I still have not been able to integrate and modify my blog well enough. Wordpress is great, but it sorely lacks some core CMS functionality, like for instance the ability to add pages to my site. I know you can add static pages, but I need to be able to create another changeable content page like what php-nuke provides for instance.

I’m trying to organize some of the plugins and features I would like in my blog:

  • Drop-down javascript box displaying relevant content - quickSub
  • A plugin for displaying my bookshelf
    • what I have recently read/ reading and going to read)
    • link to my reviews if I have made any
    • create a new review for a book
  • A front page like that of Alex King
  • Link my pixelpost photoblog to wordpress

I have no idea if there are any plugins that do what I want. while I keep searching for them, let me hope that someone leaves a link or two along to shorten my quest. Or else, one of these days, I might finally choose to get off my butt and learn php and hack away at wordpress