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attrocious site - bonsaikitten.com

I encountered, by far, the sickest website I have seen in my entire life.
Kittyculture is the act of stuffing a sweet little kitten into a jar, sealing its anus shut and feeding it to a tube, and keeping it that way for 4 weeks and more, so that it may be given “fair” treatment by giving it an “unique” shape that nature has denied it!! Wow, I just read what I wrote and the absurdity just baffles me! How can anyone in their sane mind can even dream up something like this!!

I personally feel very ashamed having to link to this site, but do so with great melancholy, just so that you can see it too, and sign this petition and stop it.

Please do visit it here, but only for the purpose of understanding how heinous man has become! How torturous we are towards our fellow creatures that nature has created.

and sign the petition against it here