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Hurrah! to Wordpress

Hip hip hurrah! (applause ..) I finally managed to get my site up using wordpress. A truly wondeful peice of software. Thanks to all those developers and plugin-authors for their wonderful contribution to the world of blogging! I know that blogs are becoming less fashionable, but I have always been more into what is functional than fashionable.. It server my needs and that’s all I care about. I’m trying to make it look more static, like a normal website, but that is beside the point.

Anyway, I still need to get the main page going, and also transfer my photos, to this interface. I also, am not very content with the way photo organisation is handled by most of the plugins.. Looks like the start of learning another scripting language. I’m kinda occupied now, with the preparation for my CCNP switching exam.. but let us see how it goes. Meanwhile, I need to learn to blog a lot more!

btw, just in case I forget, I need to setup up a new section for the what’s happening in my life right now (books being read, etc), also a section for orkut , yahoo, etc profiles and integrate orkut into my site. (Another plugin? ) today must be some kind of a light blub day!! ;)