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word press!

Wordpress is a nice small CMS written entirely using php and mysql!
It makes using blogger, MT and other such services entirely useless!! If you have a website and would like to manage your website effectively go for this!!

I’m planning to switch to it in the near future! I’m working on choosing a nice skin and customising it for my site!
Do check back soon!

*Update 13-Nov-2009* You shouldn’t be here if you are looking for me. Well, considering that you are reading this, I’ve messed up somehow. You can find my latest ramblings at http://blog.shiv.me, or if you are the micro-blogging kind, head over to http://twitter.com/shiva or http://facebook.com/shivanand.

You are so inclined, you can drop me an email at shvelmur [at] gmail

Ohhh.. I forget, when I last wrote this wordpress was a nice small CMS, today, I would suggest you move to HiSlain. Written and maintained by a cool kid from India, Yuvi