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Eulegy for a good heart

Today has been a very sad day. I bid farewell to Mr Subramaniam.

He was my grandfather’s nephew and has been my a great inspiration to me in my life. One of the bravest and knowledgeable persons I have known. One who lived through life with conviction and was as clear at heart as they come.

He has always been there for my family at good and bad times.

A devout and practising Hindu, and a learned man in vedic chants, I have always envied him of having lived in my grandfather’s company. I think, what I know about my grandpa, is what “mani thatha” (what I used to call him) has told me of. Having lived in the pre-independance era, he has offered many insights into the lives of my forefathers.

You shall be remembered and your words cherished forever in our hearts. I wish your soul to rest in peace. Adieu my dear “mani thatha”

“Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.”

– Marie Louise De La Ramee, [Ouida]