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Zaval Light-Weght - Visual Component Library

This is a very kewl gui toolkit for J2se, .NET, J2me .

Very neat and neat indeed.

Zaval Light-Weght - Visual Component Library

It is available under GPL and comercial license.. Need to try using it with a coupla tools I have in mind. I know that there are zillions of open-source utilities out there, but I am looking for ideas for applications and utilities that you would liket o use at home/work.

Any suggestions are welcome. I develop using the following

1. J2SE

2. J2EE

3. .NET

4. VC++

5. eVC++ (pocket pc)

6. J2ME

7. Perl/CGI

So if you are here, by doing a google search then do send me requests for tools that you would like to use and let me have a go at them. Who knows? we could be thinking of the next netscape!? ;)