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cm-dev's day out!

As I have mentioned earlier, I have recently moved to a new team at office.

This weekend, we went on a team outing to Mahabalipuram. Well, if you are in India and happen to visit Tamil Nadu, do not, and I say again, DO NOT forget to make a trip to Sterling Resorts ( and no, I didn’t take money from them to say this )

They have this kewl package to offer. They take you on a boat ride, into the sea (34) kilometers and, they throw (not literally) you into the water. Actually,it is more like they help you into the water. You get to hold on to your dear life at the end of a rope! It is great fun to swim in the sea, with nothingness for about 7080 feet below you. It scares the shit out of you, if you don’t know how to swim i.e!

We had a real great time… ofcourse there is the usual, TT, volleybal etc, but the boat ride was the icing on the cake..

If you are as lucky as we were, you can hear music from a divine voice.. You can contact me for that… maybe I can cajole Dinesh (ODC’s own SPB!) into make a trip with you and sing for you… ;) just kidding !!

Dinesh you’ve got one helluva voice man!!