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The results of Correctness

Matthew Yglesias: June 20, 2004 - June 26, 2004 Archives: “The Dialectic of Inaccuracy”

Check that article out. One of the most well-written, thought provoking articles in some time!

Anyway, I drove down to Pondy on my bike on Friday! Night ride with Tanigai and Prem. Peaceful, uneventful ride home. Was feeling very happy about it! Not for long. I met with an accident on Sunday morn, thrashed (well, almost. gonna cost me 2500 and upwards).

I was driving along one of the exits from Pondicherry, towards Villanur(my wife’s College is on the way), and there was some ongoing repair work. A carrier auto, stopped for me (he was turning right). I went through to cross him, and there he was, 15 to 17 years of age, an idiotic blank grin that was telling me, oops sorry , I didn’t mean to but I’m stupid, don’t have a license to drive, but have a license to kill you! He was right there, stick his head out from behind the auto ( and his bike too) just a foot in front of me.

Wham!!! The next thing I knew was, I was standing there, blood oozing from my left foot, and one bystander and one policeman defending the stupid kid, just coz he is younger and has a smaller bike! “Get a life people”, I thought and blew my lid off at the police guy for being such a whimp and at encouraing such bad driving practices on the roads.

well, wonder when, people on the roads be accused for their error in driving, rather than based on the size/cost of their vehicles!