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Damn I hate the traffic in Chennai

Come on people! What’s up with Chennai roads these days.. yeah I can understand that since the city is growing blah, blah, blah, it is going to be congested…. but you know there is this thing called sanity that departs you when it takes you an hour and half to get from Numgambakkam to Vadapalani!!

I hate it and I hate it and I hate it!! grrrrrrrr!!!

Well, it is madness I say, what’s the point in selling bikes over 150 cc and cars the size of a Cessna if there is hardly any room for people to use their vehicles on! Our roads got to go bigger! I know, I know, don’t you ask me how?! Figure out how, Corporation of Chennai!

Remove those stupid barriers that is supposed to regularize traffic! All they serve is to congest the roads even more. Take our infamous Arcot road! Who is that brainy road-designer (is that what you call ‘em?) who thought that have a 8 feet road separator on a 40 feet road would ease traffic?! duh?! Get real guys!!

Why is that one has to ride through every conceivable road encroachment from your friendly petty shop to barricade perpendicular to traffic direction ( now, that must be the ingenuity of the Chennai Police! how does reducing the area usable by traffic, help control it?!) to dust bins to every thing that the Almighty created, smack on your path back home , right after you have negotiated, lane cutting autos and practically standstill rickshaws (bang in the middle of the road, not to mention!)

Well, I guess I’m a little stressed out, so out for a smoke me go! Gotta quit that one of these days, maybe will help do away with a few petty shops and a few more cig butts on our chennai roads!